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 About me

As a six year old kid I got a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas.  Two rolls of black and white and a special one of color!  12 shots to the roll so make ‘em count!  Growing up Mom and Dad let me take shots on the family camera (a Voigtlander Vitomatic) which was later replaced with a Konica T3 and then and FS. Wow. You could change lenses and go wide or zoom in!  When we were married in 1995, my parents reopened the door to a dormant passion for photography by giving us a Nikon N70 SLR with 35-80mm kit zoom. (SLR is not a typo - there was no “D” in SLR - it used film!) Again wow!  It focused automatically!  In the twenty years since then photography opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in every day and to look for the things that others don't take the time to ponder and appreciate.  I hope you enjoy some of them here. - Dave

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Email:                                                   Phone:  310.306.0515

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